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ことばの網 (英語と日本語の新語珍語の紹介)
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Tom Gally  投稿日 2009-12-5 21:40
生きている語尾の存在にまた気が付いた。今回は -itude だ。もちろん、この語尾を備えて定着している言葉が既に多数ある。例えば、
decrepitude n. 老いぼれ(の状態), 老衰, もうろく; 老朽.
exactitude n. 正確[精確]さ, 精密度, 厳正, きちょうめんさ (preciseness).
incertitude n. 不確実, 不確か, 不定; 疑惑, 疑念; 不安定, 不定.
solitude n. 1 独居, 孤独 (solitariness). 2 《詩》 寂しい[人里離れた]場所, 幽所 (seclusion).
でも最近は -itude が新しい言葉を造るのにもよく使われている。私がこの語尾の生存に気が付いたのは、次の文を読んだときだった。
However, according to coworkers, Seversen's recent admission that he's an asshole takes him to a whole new level of assholitude.
これは、2004年にユーモア雑誌 The Onion にあった、"Asshole Admits To Being Asshole In Supreme Asshole Move" という記事からの抜粋。

比喩的な意味での asshole にはいろいろなニュアンスがあるが、ここでは「いやな奴」(ルミナス英和辞典)や「むかつくやつ」(リーダーズ英和辞典)の訳がぴったり。-itude の意味は「〜の性質」なので、 assholitude は「いやな奴であること」のような意味になる。-itudeで終わる言葉は通例文語的で硬いものが多いので、下品な asshole と組み合わせると新語そのものがユーモラスになる。

The hotel is well-located in the centre of Krk Town but has been allowed to fall into major drabitude.  drab(さえない)から

also we are hiring for a pt ceo! please come in to the store to drop off your resume and bring your fabitude!  fab(すばらしい)から

What is femitude? It's as fleeting as a butterfly, and as concrete as a corset. Every femme dyke's definition differs.  fem(女性らしい)から

I grabbed Holly's arm as the vision of hunkitude walked toward us, and she grabbed mine.  hunk(マッチョ)から

While we encourage displaying one's punkitude starting at an early age, we DON'T know how we feel about Gwen and Gavin bleaching 3-year-old Kingston's locks.  punk(パンクファッション調)から

Because this news is good news to me, and while I bad news is around to be had, this news has increased my happitude by several degrees.  happy から

To understanding the hidden meaning of Japan you have to peel away the layers of business suits and Diahatsu [sic] Charades to reveal the hidden core of Japanitude, constructed from 100% Karaoke.  もちろん Japan から

As the two people who occasionally check my stupid languishing blog know I have been hit with a dazzling amount of lazitude of late.  lazy から

Long before I got there these two aging chumps (one of each sex, probably) were muttering between themselves, commenting no doubt on the NewYorkiTude  of my team-mates or something.  New York から