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ことばの網 (英語と日本語の新語珍語の紹介)
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Tom Gally  投稿日 2009-12-14 20:50
Off today and had a gymapalooza with the Mrs. Two hours. Wanted to swim but the lanes were full. ジムで長時間トレーニングすること

But this meal I am about to describe to you is nothing less than a complete Meatfest. A Meatapalooza if you will. 肉の多い食事

Veggiepalooza has ended early (a month is sooo long!), but really because it became near impossible on the road. I had a really hard time finding beans/soy when I needed them, so I resorted to chicken or turkey a few times to get my protein....and dang it sure tasted good. 一時的にベジタリアンで過ごすこと

ALSC's Bookapalooza Program will offer select libraries a collection of materials that will help transform their collection and provide the opportunity for these materials to be used in their community in creative and innovative ways. 本の祭り

"WordaPalooza" is a Calgary Arts Academy event that celebrates Family Literacy Day and promotes writing as one of the five fine arts. 言葉(ここでは作文教育)の祭典
Xmas is a real light-o-palooza for me. イルミネーション
この語尾は Kenkyusha Online Dictionary に [EV](追加語)としてすでに載っている。
    ━n 大会, 祭り, パーティ, 《愛好者などの》集い《しばしば接尾辞として》.
    ・pet-a-palooza 《ペットコンテストなどを行う》ペットの祭典.
    [< LOLLAPALOOZA; 元来は 1990 年代に始まった米国のロックフェスティバル Lollapalooza のもじり]